servies overview

end-to-end services

At IOI, our end-to-end services optimize space efficiencies and minimize costs. From space planning and design to furniture installation services, our attention to detail and planning allows you to make the most effective use of your workspace environment.

interview process

getting to know you

To formulate effective plans for your office environment, IOI begins by speaking to key individuals within your organization. As we develop an understanding of your business, we articulate expectations, goals, and objectives. We assess current conditions and address issues related to the balance between individual and group activities, workflow patterns, privacy needs, budgets, and timelines. Only then do we present concepts for furniture plans and solutions that meet the needs of your organization.


a critical footprint of progress

Detailed planning is the momentum that keeps projects moving forward to expedite all aspects of a facilities move. IOI's planning process provides a detailed breakdown for reviewing project timelines as well as a snapshot overview of completion dates. That way, everyone always knows where things stand.

optimizing space and performance

making your space work for you

IOI understands the challenges presented by a wide range of businesses and industries, each with its unique set of space and performance criteria. We categorize areas by work group types, based on departmental function or individual needs. For each workgroup, we establish furniture design parameters and budget requirements to guide us in a customized furniture search. Finally, we present furniture alternatives--including detailed space plans, 3-D visuals, product specifications, and pricing--that best meet each workgroups' designated parameters.

furniture selection

choosing the right fit

IOI represents a select group of manufacturers that provide high quality, performance-driven office furniture solutions. We offer our customers a broad range of options including new, used, and remanufactured furniture. Our detailed selection process includes planning and evaluating efficient and cost-effective solutions for your office environment.

order processing

getting the goods

Once furniture has been selected for purchase, IOI verifies the accuracy of field dimensions to the plan specifications, fabric and finish selections and all detailed furniture specifications. We synchronize product availability, lead times, and delivery dates. Orders are then expedited with each manufacture to be received in a accurate and timely basis.


putting it all together

Once your order has been placed and fulfilled, our professional service staff manages the quality process on all fieldwork, including receipt, delivery, and installation of your furniture. A performance bond is available upon request.