solutions overview

a solution for every problem challenge

IOI works with your organization to determine how to best meet your facility needs. Whether you are planning for flexibly in an open office environment, for the collaborative features of a team situation, for the functionality of a private office, or for the versatility and technology necessary in conference room applications, IOI has the answer that works for you.

open and privacy plans

controlling interaction, collaboration and privacy

Open plan designs utilize low height privacy to build a collaborative environment for employees. Privacy plan designs utilize full-height privacy that reduce noise and increase personal space. Both plans are flexible, allowing multiple configurations to adjust to your changing needs. No matter which option best suits your organization; IOI can bring you a solution.

desk system design

easy access with no clutter

Desk system designs afford flexible work solutions for both open and private office environments. They can be easily and economically reconfigured while always allowing direct access to electrical, voice and data outlets. Desk systems are not limited to a single application but have many uses within the office.

floor-to-ceiling application

flexibility for the growing enterprise

Floor-to-ceiling applications bring an enormous versatility to the office environment. In addition to noise reduction, these systems integrate electrical, voice, and data outlets and cabling. Floor-to-ceiling solutions can be easily reconfigured and are adaptive to the changing nature of your business. An investment in floor-to-ceiling applications is considered a capital expense, so there are additional cost-saving benefits that are not available with other solutions.

private office planning

adaptable solutions for every type of worker

There are a variety of different styles, finishes and configurations available: u-shaped, traditional, inline wall systems. At IOI, we look for flexible solutions that can integrate with new technologies, anticipate future needs and meet the current requirements of the individual user.

teaming applications

optimizing the group experience

When mobility and interaction are primary concerns, look no further than our teaming applications. These solutions facilitate communication and collaboration between workers and provide optimum versatility in your office environment. Work areas may be configured to accommodate a large meeting, broken apart to make several small or individual group sessions or even converted into individual workstations.

conference applications

bridging information, communication, and presentation

Today's conference room must be more than a meeting room. It must provide an environment for the integration of new information, communication, media and technologies that are essential to your business. Many conference rooms also need to be multi-purpose for use as boardrooms, classrooms, and interactive centers.